Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online Book - Marvin Happening 2008 - Elk Grove, CA

Children of Ralph and Lulu (except Mary)

George W. Marvin, Kelly (Lulu) Nilius, James P. Marvin and Jennie Deggendorfer.

Ralph and Lulu Marvin - 1902

James T. Marvin - Military Portrait

James T. Marvin (son of James P. Marvin, son of Ralph) in a military portrait. I'm hoping Jim will fill me in on the date.

Marvin Happening #?

Please help me out with this one....If you know the year and location, leave a comment below.

The Bob Marvin Family

We missed Bob, Brenda and the boys in Edmonds, but look forward to seeing them in San Diego.

L. to R: Shawn Marvin, Bob Marvin (son of James T. Marvin, of James P. Marvin), Jonathan Marvin, Brenda Marvin and Robert Marvin Jr.

Shawn Marvin, Robert Marvin Jr., and Jonathan Marvin

Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Ball Field....

We didn't actually get a game going, but batting practice provided plenty of entertainment without the long lasting injuries......

L. to R: Michael Gillson, Robert Nilius, Jim B. Marvin, Pete Ryan and Justin Jacobs.

Marvin Happening 2010 - Edmonds, WA (con't.)

A History Lesson - Marvin Style
The 'Cousins' talking about the genealogy of Ralph, Lulu and those of us who followed. This was great stuff and I hope someone was writing this down......

Left to right:
Robert Donaldson (Marvin), Jackie Nilius-Ey, Pauline Beauchamp (Deggendorfer), Robert M. Nilius, and Barbara Gillson (Nilius).

Marvin Happening 2010 - Edmonds, WA

From left to right: Kiersten Ryan, Tyler Jacobs, Trent Gillson, Michael Gillson, Melonie Jacobs, Tim Jacobs, Justin Jacobs, Angela Busick and Jack Busick.